Alabama State University Issues Statement Regarding Lil’ Wayne Homecoming Concert Scam



Alabama State was recently scammed by fake promoters who claimed they could book Lil’ Wayne to perform at the university’s homecoming concert. Now, the school organizers have issued a statement about the incident.

“It’s disheartening to share that MAC recently learned the booking agent we partnered with for this performance never actually reached out to Lil Wayne’s team, even after being paid per contract,” says Yardayn Watkins, co-founder of Millennium Age and second year student at ASU.

According to the statement, Millennium Age partnered with a third party booking agent who claimed to have close ties with Lil’ Wayne’s team and would book him as the headliner for ASU’s homecoming concert. MAC members and the concert promotion team took time to review a booking contract, received administrator approval, and paid the entire fee to book Lil’ Wayne; thus, ticket sales and promotion took place, unknowing that the agent had no intention of reaching out to Lil’ Wayne’s camp.

Once school administrators approved Lil’ Wayne as a part of the lineup, they were never contacted by the booking agent.

“We apologize to those who felt victimized, hurt or thwarted, as we are now experiencing those feelings ourselves. We’d like to extend our gratitude to those who worked hard on the show, and hope to reconcile our good faith with the students and fans at Alabama State University,” reads the statement.

Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant also issued a statement regarding the scam. “Fake promoters are the lowest of people on this earth because they are damaging the integrity of artist and most important hurting the fans who are expecting to see their favorite artist,” he said. “I’m now in contact with Alabama State University and will do everything in my power to work with them to persecute whoever was behind this. It’s not fair to the college students.”