Azealia Banks Declares She’s Done With Record Label Full Of “Silly Fragile White Liars”

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks was only signed to Parlophone, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, for a few months before she became fed up with the label.

Azealia Banks’ stint at Parlophone didn’t last long.

The 31-year-old artist disclosed her exit from the record label in a since-deleted post on Instagram Stories. Azealia Banks criticized Parlophone’s staff and told fans to look out for the imminent release of her “New Bottega” single.

“I’m leaving @parlophone,” she wrote. “This staff is full of really silly fragile white liars. The roster is full of corny losers and I’ve had it lmao. Like how many idiots does it take to screw in a f###### lightbulb? Ugh thank god. ‘New Bottega’ will be on platforms this week. That s### was stressing me TF OUT.”


Azealia Banks revealed she signed with Parlophone in late 2022. The label is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

Parlophone was supposed to handle the official release of the “New Bottega” single. Azealia Banks leaked the track months before announcing she signed with the label.

Azealia Banks recently told The Guardian she aimed to “preserve [her] own natural ability to create and be inspired by music” despite signing with a major label. She also criticized Kanye West and praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the interview.