Bankroll Freddie Takes Another Loss; Second In One Week

Earlier this week, Bankroll Freddie lost his attempt to get out of jail. He won’t be getting his jewelery back either, according to a judge.

Bankroll Freddie lost his request to return of property seized during his April 2022 traffic stop and arrest. 

 Freddie was arrested after Arkansas State Police discovered drugs, a handgun, and jewelry in his vehicle.

Freddie’s attorneys claimed that the United States failed to adhere to a 60-day deadline to return his property. But a motion filed by the United States Attorney’s Office asserted that the jewelery in question is related to another ongoing case.

According to prosecutors, the jewelry is being held as evidence in an ongoing criminal case against Bankroll Freddie and 34 other defendants, who are facing drug distribution charges.

“Freddie Gladney’s motion for the return of his jewelry is denied because it is the subject of forfeiture allegations,” U.S. District Judge Brian S. Miller recently ruled. 

Additionally, Freddie’s request did not mention jewelry as being subject to forfeiture. Therefore, Gladney has to request the return of his jewelry from Judge James Moody, who is overseeing a federal drug case against the rapper.

Bankroll Freddie, born Freddie Gladney III, is currently held without bond in federal Arkansas. Earlier in the week, a U.S. Magistrate Judge ruled that Freddie must remain in pre-trial detention as he faces charges related to his involvement with a street gang in the state. 

The Quality Control rapper was arrested on November 10th by FBI agents and named in one of three indictments, charging 80 people with crimes including drug trafficking and weapons violations. 

Freddie is alleged to be linked to the Every Body Killas (EBK) street gang, while a separate indictment names 26 people associated with the rival Lodi Murder Mobb gang.