Benzino Releases A Track ‘Zino Vs. The Planet’ Address Everyone Including 50 Cent, Coi Leray, Shauna Brooks And Ex Althea Eaton


Benzino, who was once known as one of the top rappers out of Boston, has returned to his emceeing roots with a diss “Zino Vs. The Planet.”

Benzino was once known as one of the top rappers out of Boston before becoming the boss at The Source and, later, a reality star.

 Benzino has returned to his emceeing roots with a diss, “Zino Vs. The Planet.”

The song starts with the Almighty RSO founder saying he is about to “spazz like Will Smith did on Chris” on everyone aiming at him as he stands “on ten toes” as a man.

As he starts his verse, the former Source magazine owner talks about how much he loves his daughter Coi Leray, who has publicly aired out their beef on social media, in interviews, and her music.

Seconds later, in the 2:23 minute track, Benzino addresses his most current controversy regarding his supposed involvement with a transgender woman named Shauna Brooks, saying people want to know if “Zino straight got an undercover lover.”

Recently, reported that a trans woman allegedly recorded the celebrity without him knowing, releasing audio where he appears to be asking her not to talk publicly about their relationship because it would tarnish his image.

On the tape, a person that sounds like Benzino says he is “new” to “this world” and that she is not doing anything “wrong,” but people would believe he is.

The song progresses, and he encourages fans not to listen to blogs but then gives out what he considers facts. Particularly about his back and forth with a former friend, 50 Cent.

He raps about his nemesis, “50 keep it a hunnid/ I helped you when they jumped you/ I should have let them ghost you just like Kanan when they slumped you.”

Benzino claims he paid for a car to take 50 Cent to the hospital after the Queens, New York rapper stumbled into his studio session when associates with Murder Inc. stabbed the Get Rich or Die Tryin over 20 years ago.

Benzino addresses another recent headline in the song regarding his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, Althea Eaton. He raps about how unfair it was for her to have him arrested when he came to visit their son — especially after he tried to support her in her career.

The new music is just a taste of what is to come. In his outro, Benzino talks about releasing a new album soon.

After listening to this, do you think you are ready for the return of Big Zino on the mic?