Birdman Invests Time and Money Into Developing New Artist Jacquees


(AllHipHop News) Rap mogul Bryan “Birdman” Williams discussed being featured in the BET series “Music Moguls,” which takes a look into the daily grind of music legends Birdman, Snoop Dogg, Dame Dash, and Jermaine Dupri.

On the first episode of the series Birdman is followed as he orchestrates a meet-and-greet for Cash Money artists Jacquees.

In an interview with Billboard, Birdman emphasized the importance of using his platform to help guide the youth through the industry.

“I think we really have to school these youngsters on the business ’cause I don’t think [they know about it],” Birdman said. “A lot of them want to jump in this game on some rap s##t but I think you should know the business before you get into the business.”

The longtime Cash Money CEO certainly has high hopes for his newest artist Jacquees, who he feels is primed for a major breakthrough in his career.

“Well, with Jacquees, I’ve been working with him for two years,” Birdman revealed. “I wanted to make sure he was ready. He’s on the Mood tour right now. He’s got his own little movement going on. Now it’s time for me to bring it to the big leagues. I really think he’s super talented and smart. To me, he’s a full package.”

Birdman, who is one of the executive producers of Music Moguls, is also in the process of completing two documentaries.

He also stated that he plans on releasing his final solo project Ms. Gladys, this coming August.

You can catch Music Moguls Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on BET.