Social Media Users Outraged After Blueface Shares Nude Photo Of Son To Expose Alleged Hernia 


Blueface shared a photo, allegedly of their newborn’s genitalia, and accused Chrisean Rock of missing multiple surgeries and appointments.  

Despite their apparent reconciliation last week, Blueface and Chrisean Rock are back feuding again, and this time the “Thotiana” hitmaker has left social media users stunned after sharing a nude photo of their newborn son to expose his alleged medical issue. 

On Sunday night (September 24), the Compton, California native blasted his ex online in a liquor-fuelled rant that saw him calling on Lil Baby to “adopt” the reality TV starlet and take her off his hands.  

However, things took a bizarre turn when he claimed their newborn son has a hernia and posted a nude photo of the little one’s genitalia to expose his alleged medical issue. Blueface also accused Chrisean Rock of pushing back surgery and missing medical appointments to treat their baby.  

“BRO YOU EXPOSED A BABY. ARE YOU WEIRD?” wrote one social media user, expressing the sentiments of many who saw the image.  

Nonetheless, Blueface has no regrets, replying, “It’s my baby so what squabble up.” 

He then shared a series of posts blaming the infant’s alleged health issues on Chrisean Rock drinking, smoking and being with other men throughout her pregnancy.  

Nonetheless, folks on social media were horrified that Blueface shared the nude image of the baby, with many calling for his arrest. 

“Blueface yo b#### ass did not have to expose his son like that,” wrote one user who also criticized Rock. “We get it. Chrisean is a horrible mother. Don’t put your son business out there though. And Chrisean you dizzy B#### you had that baby outside KNOWING he has health issues. B#### you don’t deserve the mommy title.” 

“Blueface you better get bail and legal team money together,” added another. “We can’t let this slide. And Chrisean count your days…” 


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