Blueface Off House Arrest, Could Catch Huge Break In Shooting Case


Rap star Blueface is off of house arrest, and squirt a significant legal victory after being charged with attempted murder. Read more!

Blueface pleaded guilty to a felony count of discharging a gun into an occupied vehicle and a misdemeanor battery charge on Monday (June 3).

The charges stem from an October 2022 shooting outside a Las Vegas strip club and a separate confrontation with a fan at a casino in May.

In the first incident, a man identified as Kentabius Traylor reported he was attacked by members of Blueface’s entourage outside the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club. Traylor claimed someone shot at his vehicle as he drove away, resulting in what appeared to be a bullet graze wound on his left hand. Blueface was initially faced with an attempted murder charge in connection with the incident.

The misdemeanor battery charge is linked to a separate incident at a casino in May, where Blueface and his girlfriend, Chrisean Malone (Rock), were involved in a dispute with a woman attempting to record them.

Blueface and members of his entourage were accused of assaulting the woman, leading to Blueface pleading guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge.

Blueface’s guilty pleas have brought resolution to both cases, even leading to prosecutors dropping a robbery charge that he faced in connection with the casino confrontation.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Blueface was released from house arrest on Monday and is scheduled to be sentenced on October 2 as part of the plea.

In an unexpected turn of events, Deputy District Attorney Nick Portz announced prosecutors weren’t opposed to Blueface being sentenced to probation.

If Blueface is sentenced to probation and successfully completes the terms, he’ll be allowed to withdraw his plea and instead plead guilty to a misdemeanor county of conspiracy to commit a crime.

This could represent a significant legal break for the rapper, who initially faced much more serious charges.