Blueface Sparks Outrage After Asking 6-Year-Old Son If He’s Gay On Instagram Live 


Blueface asked his son if he was gay, telling him, “If you ever decide to be gay, I would be upset but I would still love you.”

Blueface has sparked anger amongst his fanbase after questioning his six-year-old son’s sexuality for the second time. 

The “Thotiana” hitmaker was joined by his son for a question-and-answer session on Instagram Live Monday night (July 31). After asking if his mom has a “fat face,” Blueface changed the topic.  

“Are you gay?” he asked the little boy, who replied that he wasn’t. Blueface pumped his fist in relief before announcing to his viewers, “Hey guys, he’s not gay! We got hope.” 

While he wanted to continue quizzing his son on the topic, the little boy was keen to move on, admitting he didn’t understand the question. “You know what gay is?” Blueface asked. “No,” his son replied before adding, “I really don’t. What else you got?” 

Jaidyen Alexxis, the mother of the rapper’s two children, was off-camera in the back and directed Blueface to change the subject. However, he continued, telling his son that although he would be “upset,” he would accept him if he was gay.  

“Well, if you ever decide to be gay, I would be upset but I would still love you. I’ll still support you, take care of you,” he added.  

“I’m not that,’ the six-year-old replied as his father said, “Cool,” and gave him a dap. 

Last month, Blueface came under fire for questioning his six-year-old son’s sexuality when the little boy left a room with half-naked dancers to find some snacks. 

“Son, come here,” Blueface told the little boy, who wandered off to get some food. “It’s booty cheeks out here and you in here looking for chips. You ain’t gay is you?” 

His most recent questioning faced a similar backlash. Check out some of the reactions below.