Blueface’s Mom Defends Rapper’s 6-Year-Old Son & “Booty Cheeks” Controversy


“He didn’t see no nakedness… False alarm, false alarm.”

Blueface hasn’t had the most positive relationship with his mother. However, Karlissa Saffold came to her son’s defense over some controversial videos posted to Blueface’s Instagram Stories.

Blueface shared clips of children in one room and scantily-dressed women dancing in another room. Then the “Thotiana” rapper supposedly catches his son, Jayvaughn, searching for snacks in a pantry, while a sexually explicit video shoot takes place in the home.

“Son, come here,” Blueface said. “It’s booty cheeks out here and you’re in here looking for chips and Slim Jims. You ain’t gay is you?” After Jayvaugh shakes his head, Blueface responds, “My man! My dawg!”

His behavior led to widespread backlash on social media. Some people referred to the situation as blatant abuse and demanded child protective services get involved. Blueface’s mom suggests the situation was harmless.

“False alarm, false alarm,” Saffold said. “He ain’t going crazy. He ain’t see nobody’s ass. I checked it out. I went off, and they said he was not present to watch nobody’s ass.

“He’s not watching nobody twerk. He ain’t seen no naked ass. [Blueface] covered up his eyes, like this, while he took him to the pantry. So he didn’t see no nakedness. He ain’t see no booty cheeks. False alarm, false alarm. Everybody go home.”

In addition, Saffold insisted Blueface has several nannies and family members who were “on duty” to watch the kids. As this problematic scenario makes headlines across the internet, Blueface must also prepare for his on-again-off-again girlfriend Chrisean Rock to give birth to his next baby.