Cardi B & Offset Mobbed At Times Square McDonald’s Valentine’s Date 

Cardi B Offset

Cardi B and Offset surprised fans at the Times Square McDonald’s for the launch of their new meal-for-two deal.

Cardi B and Offset were met by a massive crowd of fans when they arrived at McDonald’s Times Square for a surprise Valentine’s Day date. 

The celebrity power couple were at the NYC restaurant for the launch of the Cardi B & Offset Meal, revealed during their Super Bowl Sunday ad. The limited-run meal-for-two deal marks the company’s first-ever celebrity duo meal.  

They were greeted by employees of the NYC McDonalds sporting custom Cardi B and Offset McDonald’s t-shirts, cheering their arrival as they went to get a taste of their new meal.

The couple posed for selfies with fellow restaurant goers and even took a kiss-cam pic which was later shared on the Jumbotron outside the restaurant.

The Super Bowl Sunday ad was something of a full-circle moment for Cardi B and Offset. Their first date was at the Super Bowl in 2017.  

“Every single time that the Super Bowl comes around, I get a little bit emotional,” Cardi B admitted during a Billboard interview. “We do have projects to put out this year, and our careers [are] very important to us… and then balancing things out with our careers and our personal lives, you know what I’m saying? Our children and stuff. We just being grownups. It’s not easy being grownups.” 

While Cardi B remained tightlipped about her upcoming music, stating only “I’m excited for it. I’m coming hard,” Offset was a little more candid.

“I’m just looking forward to the fans hearing this music I’ve been making because I [used] a lot of new producers, I did a lot of new sounds, there was some new artists. So I’m just excited for the new chapter,” he added.