Cardi B Says White Twinks Are Posing As Black Women And Starting Wars

Cardi B

Cardi B believes an army of white twinks are hiding behind fake profiles on Twitter, and starting wars between her fans!

Cardi B is going after “white twinks” she says are responsible for constantly starting fights between fans of female stars.

Cardi lit up Twitter and called out her own fans and the fans of other celebrities on the platform for disrespectful tweets.

“White twinks on this app are weird,” Cardi B wrote. “You don’t dictate people’s action.

“I said what I said and I’m not taking it back!!! Ya love to hide behind Black female artist peoples on your avi and be the ones saying the most disrespectful s### about women and dictating their moves and start war between female artist fans ALWAYS!”

Cardi B demanded that the white twinks wave a white flag and and their disrespectful shenanigans.

“Now let’s be nice shall we? Let’s experience greatness and gagging sessions in peace,” Cardi said.

The root of Cardi B’s attack on white twinks on Twitter has yet to be discovered, but she may have been aggravated since she admitted she had diarrhea.

However, it may have something to do with the lavish birthday party she hostes for her three-year-old daughter Kulture with her husband Offset.

Cardi B was dragged because she bought Kulture a $150,000 diamond necklace as a birthday gift.

Cardi wasted no time calling out her detractors.

“When your kid want ice cream for dinner do you give them ice cream for dinner? My baby is overly spoiled with toys & super educated. If mommy & daddy fly then so is my kids. F### I look like being fly a####### and my kid not.”