Phoenix Suns Chris Paul Hugged Lil Wayne So Hard His Hat Flew Off

Lil Wayne

The Phoenix Suns are heading to the NBA finals, and no one was more happier than Chris Paul and rap star Lil Wayne!

Lil Wayne is a real sports fan and when the Phoenix Suns made it to the NBA Finals, he was one of the first to celebrate with star player Chris Paul.

The multi-hyphenate rapper jumped for joy and swiftly dapped up Paul after their epic win.

The win came after his second visit courtside where the team blasted the Clippers 130-103 in Game 6 in Los Angeles.

The Phoenix Suns point guard received a big hug from Tunechi.

Lil Wayne’s friendship with the NBA start was on full display as Chris Paul made his way over to the rapper, who was sitting behind the yellow road, just off the court.

Social distance be damned, especially after Paul was sidelined with COVID-19.

Chris Paul extended his arms, and the brotherly embrace was so hard that Weezy’s hat fell off, exposing his blonde hair.

Afterward the bear-hug, the President of the National Basketball Players Association <_”” leadership=”leadership”> brought Mr. Young Money onto the court where he linked with the press.

Wayne is cemented in the sports world and mad people know it.

He has showcased his analyst skills on shows like Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe.

Perhaps the “Lollipop” rapper is their good luck charm and giving his input on how they can get better. We will see how it works and will be looking to see him