Chrisean Rock Reacts To Blueface Arrest: “Everybody Keeps Saying It’s A Sign To Leave” 

Blueface Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock said she is not leaving Blueface in the wake of his arrest: “I’m going to court tomorrow. That’s all that matters.”

Chrisean Rock is letting it be known she is standing by her man after Blueface was arrested for felony attempted murder

The “Thotiana” rapper was with his girlfriend in Las Vegas on Tuesday (Nov. 15) when he was apprehended in an undercover operation. A number of officers tackled the rapper to the ground before arresting him.  

Blueface was charged with felony attempted murder with the use of a deadly firearm or tear gas and discharging a gun into a house, building, vehicle or craft. 

Chrisean Rock immediately began trending on Twitter, with many fans urging her to take this as a sign to end her toxic relationship with Blueface.  

“Chrisean was never going to leave Blueface the universe had to step in,” wrote one. 

While another shared, “Blueface ass alone and yet she’s blatantly ignoring it. I’m just going to watch how the universe finna kick her ass for this.”  

Chrisean Rocks Responds To Blueface Arrest

It appears the reality TV starlet is aware of the reaction and took to her Instagram Story to respond. 

“Stop playing with me. Everybody keeps saying it’s a sign to leave. What the f### is you talking about bro?” she began.  

Chrisean went on to say Blueface “never left me when I went in,” before adding, “I’m going to court tomorrow. That’s all that matters.” 

Despite the hefty felony charges, Chrisean is optimistic and believes Blueface is coming home. She also urged viewers to tune in to their Zeus Network docuseries. “I’m riding I’m sliding,” Chrisean added, telling fans not to be surprised if she pops up with another Blueface tattoo. 

Later on Twitter, Chrisean Rock shared a video of herself and Blueface leaving their hotel just hours before his arrest.  

The “Vibe” rapper apparently hasn’t lost her sense of humor, retweeting a post making light of the situation.