“Crazy” Kanye Is Even Too Much For Donald Trump According To Reports

Kanye West and President Trump

Kanye West’s wild comments and his latest comments about Jews and George Floyd are even too much…for former POTUS Donald Trump!

The man whom Kanye West once said was like a “father figure” to him now is calling him “crazy” and saying he needs to get himself some psychological “help.”

According to Rolling Stone, former president Donald Trump is allegedly negatively talking about the chart-topper-turned-presidential candidate.

45 has turned on Ye since he started spewing multiple antisemitic messages that claimed Jewish people are at the root of many of the problems in the world.

Trump, who once stated that the rapper had been “a friend of mine for a long time,” is now distancing himself from him after he got kicked off on Twitter and promised to go “death con 3” on “JEWISH PEOPLE,” in addition to his recently released “Drink Champ” interview. 

In the three-hour interview, some people noticed Kanye also distanced himself from Trump, suggesting he was going to run against him (again) in 2024. 

In addition to expressing his distrust of the Trump camp and Tucker Carson, who broke the “White Lives Matter shirt” controversy on FOX News, he mentioned how much he loves Ivanka Trump, the real estate tycoon’s daughter.

In his remarks about Ivanka, he seemed to share his infatuation and how much he likes, saying he would never violate her husband the way other rappers have done him.

Multiple people close to the former president, who many believe is delusional as well, said Ye needed “help” and was acting too “crazy” for him to be aligned with. 

The associates said that Trump will not speak publicly about his feelings about his one-time ally.