DaBaby Calls Out “Somebody Behind The Scenes” Amid Newly Resurfaced Video Of 2018 Walmart Shooting


DaBaby got into a fight with one of his artists this weekend before additional footage emerged of the 2018 Walmart fatal shooting.

DaBaby has broken his silence after a turbulent weekend which began with him getting into a fight with his own artist and ended with a newly resurfaced video from the 2018 altercation, which resulted in DaBaby fatally shooting 19-year-old Jaylin Craig at a Charlotte-area Walmart.  

According to the rapper’s initial response, he’s protected by a higher power. “The n##### preying on me can’t f### wit the people praying for me! 🖤💪🏾” DaBaby penned on Twitter

Over the weekend, a video emerged of DaBaby throwing a punch at his artist Wisdom while backstage at a South Carolina concert on Friday, Apr. 22.  

Then, on Sunday, a video obtained by Rolling Stone caused further issues for the controversial rapper. They released previously unseen surveillance video leading up to the moment DaBaby shot and killed the teen in 2018. The clip apparently contradicts his account of events leading up to the shooting.  

DaBaby Responds

The “Suge” hitmaker took to Instagram late on Sunday night (Apr. 24), sharing a viral meme of a down-trodden and emotional Tyrese. “No disrespect to my boy Tyrese man😂 but what y’all n##### got goin on bruh??” DaBaby questioned. “#WhatMoreDoYouWANTfromMEEEEE ?,” he added before hinting that he has hidden enemies. “Somebody behind the scenes on my ass ain’t it ? 👀😳🔦” he said. 

However, DaBaby still had more to say and also shared the meme on his Instagram Stories. “Like damn bruh,” he began. “N##### done took 30 million from me, lie on me once a week, want my fine ass BM’s to hate me, want me to lose fights I don’t start, WHAT MORE DO U WANT FROM MEEE?”  

Meanwhile, it appears DaBaby is working on using adversity to his advantage. He also shared an inspirational quote with the message “Just chill,” on his IG Stories. 

“Don’t fight stress. Embrace it. Turn it on itself. Use it to make yourself sharper and more alert. Use it to make you think and learn and get better and smarter and more effective.”