DaBaby Goes Viral After Punching His Artist Wisdom; Social Media Erupts With Comments


The artist DaBaby hit was involved in an attempted murder case in South Miami.

Rapper DaBaby is known for throwing hands at the drop of a hat.

It may not be so surprising that he has been videotaped in yet another squabble. What is surprising is that he was caught on cam fighting his own artist, Wisdom.

The in-house throw down backstage at a concert in South Carolina on Friday, April 22nd, has gone viral.

Footage shows the Billboard Award-winner swinging first, seemingly hitting the guy with a double backspin move. After the really quick boxing match, the two men argued before others in the entourage separated the two.

DaBaby headlined a show at the Colonial Life Arena on the night of the altercation. It is unsure if the two were backstage at this event when this incident occurred.

People are responding on social media, mostly pointing at his proclivity to initiate violence.

“This n#### DaBaby out here making assault cases like he’s trying to beat his assault speedrun PB” Tiger Backwoods remarked.

“Bruh one of these days Dababy is gunna try and sucker punch the wrong one and get stretched My mans is too little to be acting this aggressive,” one person wrote.

Another person tweeted, “What is wrong with DaBaby. Dude always in the news for the wrong reasons.”

“That’s dababy Artists that took a punch after he twirl seems like his guy was gonna win this fight if it wasnt for dababy’s pawns,” Sicko Flow surmised.

The rapper, whose name is Wisdom Awute, is signed to DaBaby’s own label, Billon Dollar Baby Entertainment, and released his debut studio album, Up N’ Coming October 2021.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, earlier that year, Wisdom was arrested for attempted murder in connection to a shooting in the Miami South Beach area.

According to the victim, the genesis of the altercation was when Wisdom’s vehicle’s car door bumped into his family’s truck. Wisdom shot the victim twice in his leg and was swiftly charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a. weapon.

The man, whose name is Ernesto Delgado, said in an interview about the night, “I looked down. Blood everywhere, you know. I was scared. I was thinking about my daughter. Like, ‘You gotta make it home.”

DaBaby reportedly bailed Wisdom out at the time — back when they were on friendlier terms.