Damon Dash Can’t Escape $300k Judgement Over “Mafietta” Movie

Damon Dash

Unfortunately for rap mogul Damon Dash, he will not be able to escape a $300,000 judgment for allegedly stealing a woman’s movie, “Mafietta.”

Dame Dash’s infamous hustle has hit another hurdle as he loses another bout in court, leaving him with a $300K judgment.

It was ruled that he engaged in copyright infringement despite the Roc-A-Fella founder asking for an appeal on a similar ruling in 2020.

According to a judge from the United States Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit, the Harlem native’s appeal was without merit and now he has to pay writer E.W. Brooks for illegally shopping and selling a film about a female crime boss character created in her “Mafietta” book series.

Brook’s lawyer Chris Brown said via a written statement, “Damon Dash can no longer run from his scandalous and malicious treatment of E.W. Brooks.

“At this point, four federal judges have told Mr. Dash he is dead wrong. It’s time Mr. Dash pays Ms. Brooks the $300,000 he owes her and close the chapter.”

Brooks spoke out also. “Damon Dash claims to help African-American women while stealing from me and my family. He stole my dream and took my ‘Mafietta’ brand as his own without consent or any credit to me, its creator.

“I am glad that the Second Circuit was not fooled by the misinformation and misdirection Damon Dash offered them in the appeal. It’s time to move past this and for payment.”

Damon Dash’s attorney clapped back (did you think they wouldn’t?).

His lawyer Natraj Bhushan told Page Six:

“We respectfully disagree with the Second Circuit’s summary order. In particular, we think that this court should not have affirmed the speculative damages awarded to Ms. Brooks and, for that reason, we are evaluating other appellate remedies at this time.

“Mr. Dusko Poppington believes that the attorney Chris Brown, who has represented other interests that seem to be against him like his children’s mother Rachel Roy, has a vendetta.

“Every time he files a lawsuit, his suits get worse,” Dash told Page Six.

“I’m so uninspired by his energy and his outfits. The lack of taste to be in court for something this minor and then have to look at this type of s–t is disgusting to me. He should have the proper respect to dress when I am in the room. If you’re going to try and rob me, just do it fly,” he concluded.*