Actress DeWanda Wise Says Hollywood Needs More Black Action Stars

DeWanda Wise

DeWanda Wise says the future of Black talent in Hollywood is bright, but Tinseltown needs more Black action heroes! Read more!

DeWanda Wise is optimistic for the future of Black talent but insists that studios need to invest appropriately to ensure roles are created.

The actress is making waves in Hollywood after starring in “Jurassic World Dominion,” but she’s been vocal about the lack of action roles offered to Black stars.

Talking to Refinery29 about the issue, DeWanda tentatively shared that she was confident the landscape is changing, but she’s also a realist about the situation.

“You had both John Boyega and Ray Fisher essentially calling (out) bulls**t (in Hollywood),” she said. “Boyega specifically was like, ‘You will not be able to create new Black heroes without giving them hero moments.’ So that was a part of the bedrock upon which we were filming. I think blowing the whistle, calling it out, and then honestly, making sure that our actors are prepared to do the work.

“Meaning that they know that it requires, you know, preparation and training and all that stuff beforehand, but also that these studios continue to facilitate that. To pay for the training, to pay for the meal plans, and actually give us the resources and the support to continue to take up space and make the kind of impact that’s possible. So I’m optimistic.”

DeWanda also touched on “Get Out” director Jordan Peele’s impact on the industry. The 38-year-old worked with Jordan on an episode of his “The Twilight Zone” reboot and said it’s one of her all-time favorite shows.

“I love that space,” she smiled. “I went to theatre school (and) those genres give us the most to latch on to because it’s the equivalent to Shakespeare and Greek tragedies.

“Stakes are so high, and it’s such a fun playground. I want it for us so badly. There’s so many Black women who are very clearly not only saying, ‘I want to work in this space,’ but who are readying themselves.”