Diddy Addresses “Side Chick” Comments About Yung Miami; Implies He Will Pull Up To Akademiks’ House

Diddy Yung Miami

Diddy appeared to warn internet personality Akademiks, who called Yung Miami a “side chick” and mocked her on social media.

Diddy clarified his relationship with Yung Miami a few days after revealing he fathered a child with another woman.

The Bad Boy Records founder claimed Yung Miami isn’t his side chick in a Twitter post on Tuesday (December 13). He also appeared to warn Akademiks, who called Yung Miami a side chick and argued with her on social media.

“@yungmiami305 is not my side chick,” Diddy wrote. “Never has been, never will be. She’s very important and special to me, and I don’t play about my Shawty Wop. I don’t discuss things on the internet and I will not start today.”

He added, “So think what you want. But know that if you do something to hurt mine, I’m gonna come to your house and we’re gonna talk about it like human beings. LOVE.”

Yung Miami initially reacted to the side chick label via Twitter on Monday (December 12). She called out Akademiks, who joked about Diddy having “a side baby on his harem of side chicks” in a Twitter post on Saturday (December 10).

“I’M NOBODY SIDE B#### LETS JUST MAKE THIS CLEAR ON THIS GOOD MONDAY!” she wrote. “I don’t come 2nd to no b####!”

She continued, “Akademiks my name ain’t dick so keep it out your mouth!!! You the type of N#### my uncle doing life sentences for B#### ASS N####!!!!! You sit your fat scary ass in the house all day talking online come outside police ass booty boy!”

Akademiks said Yung Miami was having a meltdown, which she denied. The two bickered for a bit on social media before their dust-up ended on Monday afternoon. A day later, Akademiks shared screenshots of Diddy’s Twitter posts on Instagram but didn’t respond to the Hip Hop mogul’s comments.