U.K. Rapper Digga D Declares Drill Is “Finished,” Previews New Dancehall-Infused Song 

Digga D announced he is abandoning the subgenre, declaring drill “is done” before teasing a new dancehall-infused track.

Digga D is showing off his versatility, previewing a new dancehall track after announcing he’s stepping away from drill music, declaring the subgenre “finished.” 

The West London artist rose to prominence in 2017 as part of local collective 1011. Drill was beginning to gain popularity in the U.K., and the group exploded onto the scene with their gritty Next Up? Freestyle. However, after gaining more than 11 million YouTube views, the Metropolitan Police had the video removed from the platform, claiming it was inciting violence.  

A year later, in 2018, Digga D was slapped with a criminal behavior order (CBO) restricting his freedom amid a moral panic over drill music. Critics blamed the rapper and his peers for a rise in youth violence.  

The CBO dictated where he could go and who he was allowed to associate with and also censored his music. Digga D had to submit any song lyrics intended for release to the cops for approval.  

However, despite the harsh constraints and a short stint behind bars for conspiracy to commit violent disorder, Digga went on to debut at No. 1 on the U.K. album chart with Noughty By Nature in 2022, scoring three Top 10 singles along the way, a rare feat for a U.K. drill artist, especially one placed under such scrutiny from the authorities.  

Digga D Explains Why Drill Is “Finished”

However Digga D has been stepping away from the subgenre recently and moving in a different direction. 

In a mini-documentary released Tuesday (July 18), Digga D said that while it’s difficult for him to admit, “drill has come to an end.” According to the West Londoner, “they let anyone rap,” and drill music has become watered down. “S### music can get released and chart,” he added. “And once that’s happening, it’s all a blur.”  


Digga also addressed his upcoming mixtape, Back to Square One, which reportedly includes a track titled “F### Drill.” He claims the project is “not a gimmick” like the other tapes I released,” adding, “This tape ain’t no joke.”  

The “Pump 101” hitmaker has stuck to his word, teasing a snippet on a new dancehall-infused track. “Don’t get me in my jamaican bag,” Digga D penned in the caption. “Need a feature on this.” Check it out below and watch the mini-doc at the end of the page.