DJ Envy Fat Shames Rick Ross After Rapper’s Shocking Attacks In Car Show Feud

DJ Envy and Rick Ross

The drama between DJ Envy and Rick Ross continues with the radio host making fun of the Maybach Music executive.

The drama between DJ Envy and Rick Ross continues.

The pair have been feuding over who has the best car show. DJ Envy is preparing for his “Drive Your Dreams” car show on May 28 in Memphis, while Rick Ross is hosting his at his “Promised Land” megamansion, which sits on over 245 acres in Fayetteville, Georgia. reported that the Maybach Music mogul could not stop bombing on DJ Envy all weekend. Ross trashed Envy and demanded that he mop his floors. He even told the DJ that his wife and kids should clean his pool.

On his nationally syndicated morning show, “The Breakfast Club,” DJ Envy had his turn to let some jokes off.

On Monday, May 22, Envy came to work at his radio show dressed up like a chubby corrections officer. The costume was complete with a badge, cap, and nightstick. So authentic was the get-up that guest host Donnell Rawlings asked if he just had that lying around in his car.

The Hampton graduate said he wore the uniform (with an expanded belly) to make Rozay feel more comfortable— referring to his brief stint as a corrections officer after he left high school.

According to Envy, the most recent problem emerged when he said he “Airbnb’d” his house for the “Coming 2 America” and the “Boomerang” television show.

Ross’ response was to make fun of Envy’s pool-cleaning business and to dub the radio host, DJ Envious. The “Hustlin’” chart-topper said Envy was not a boss but had a boss and was thus not on his level.

However, in Envy’s epic clap back, he said, “I do have a boss. Shout to Bob Pittman. That’s one of my bosses. He actually owns iHeart.”

Adding, “But he has a boss too, John Vanadis. That’s the Miami warden at the correctional facility.” Envy then stated Ross is getting a “pension” for working there years ago.

In the 10-minute-plus-bit, Envy touched on how bosses would never let their friends set up GoFundMe and called the rapper fake.

Envy did eventually congratulate him on his daughter having a new baby. But that lasted only a few seconds before the jokes went from Ross being a correction officer to being a grandfather.

Charlamagne asked DJ Envy if this all started over the car show. DJ Envy said it did but said now that Ross has taken it to the next level, he is going to respond with the same energy.

Do you think Queens native ethered one of Florida’s biggest stars?