Dr. Dre’s Wife Says Hip-Hop Producer Is Running A Smear Campaign In Divorce War

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre and his wife are locked in a bitter war with his ex-wife Nicole Young. Now she claims Dre is using his power to ruin her good name!

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Dr. Dre and his partner at the Record One studio, Larry Chatman have both accused Nicole Young of stealing over $353,571.85 from the company’s corporate account.

While they were able to produce a copy of the withdrawn check, Nicole Young contends that this is all a smear campaign against her to be used in their divorce proceedings. 

Nicole Young’s attorneys believe that this accusation further pushes the narrative that she is a money-hungry gold digger.

According to reports, the soon-to-be ex-wife maintains that this is just another schism that feeds into her husband’s manipulative behavior. She said that Dre is “abusive coercive control” and has committed “rampant and repeated marital misconduct.” 

In a 121-page document, Nicole Young details in great lengths various ways that the almost billionaire basically tried to “beat her into submission.” 

This was done by leaking stories about her spending and “stealing” to “friendly media outlets.” Dr. Dre and Nicole Young were married for 24 years. 

Earlier this summer, they announced the dissolve of their marriage and it has progressively gotten nastier and nastier before all of Hip-Hop.