Drake Loses Big Money Again After Betting On Spanish Grand Prix Race


Is the Drake curse real?

At one point, everyone wanted chart-topping Grammy winner Drake to be in their corner. 

For so many, everything rapper Drake touches turns to gold. But with his recent betting losing streak, folk might want to change their tunes.

According to Daily Mail, on Sunday, May 23, the rapper lost $230,000 after wagering on the Spanish Grand Prix. He bet almost a quarter mil on Formula One Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc.

He made his bet on the platform Stake, the cryptocurrency platform he has a partnership with and has been using for a number of his high-profile bets. 

He also has been hosting live streams with Stake, encouraging others to use the app also.

Drake made this bet known to his followers after sharing a screenshot of the wager on his Instagram Stories. He captioned it, “First F1 bet, let’s see how it goes.”

The graphic stated the “Certified Lover Boy” deposited $230,000 with the hope of winning $590,000.

Unfortunately, Leclerc, a Monegasque native, was early to exit the actual race despite being an early pick. 

As reported by AllHipHop.com, there is a whispered curse surrounding the musical golden boy’s betting career.

Drake isn’t constantly losing. This year, the rapper won an estimated $2 million in Bitcoin betting on the Super Bowl.