Drakeo The Ruler Released From Jail After Getting Busted In Uber With A Gun

Drakeo the Ruler

Drakeo the Ruler was busted in an Uber with a gun over the weekend and sent to jail. Thankfully he is out on bail, but fans have some questions for authorities!

At 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning (August 21), the Los Angeles Police pulled over Drakeo the Ruler while he was a passenger in an Uber car and arrested him for having a weapon.

The We Know the Truth rapper captured the whole ordeal on his social media, prompting many fans to ask the question, “How did they know he was in the car service?”

The answer to that question is simple: the windows on the car were tinted too darkly.

Even though he did have a weapon on him, many are shocked that he would be searched and arrested since he and his small child were passengers in the ride.

Jeff Weiss believes that Drakeo was being unjustly monitor and targets.

He took to Twitter to vent to the artist’s family, fans, and friends.

“Free Drakeo”

“The LAPD pulled him over for riding in the back of an Uber with tinted windows. He was with his son. A set up if I’ve ever heard of one.”

“Who ever heard of someone get pulled over on a Sunday morning at 11 a.m. with their toddler son, while riding in the back of an Uber, WHOSE ONLY VISIBLE CRIME WAS HAVING TINTED WINDOWS? It would be ridiculous if it wasn’t so glaringly sinister.”

“If you don’t think the LA Sheriff’s and the LAPD have been watching Drakeo’s every move and IG story since he came home — and listening to every song — I have a tunnel on 2nd Street to sell you.”

The rapper, who just was released from a prison sentence in November 2020 (after making a plea deal) is no stranger to struggles with the law. After being acquitted in 2019 from his last attempted murder case, a D.A. refiled the case on a gang conspiracy charge.

It makes it easy to see why he thinks the law is not on his side.

He just wants a shot to live as a free citizen and is currently out on $35,000 bail.