EXCLUSIVE: A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Addresses Lil Wayne's Controversial Membership With The Zulu Nation


(AllHipHop News) Q-Tip’s announcement that Lil Wayne joined the Universal Zulu Nation was met with shock, confusion, and in some cases outrage. Tip spoke about Weezy and other new members joining the Afrika Bambaataa formed organization, saying he and 9th Wonder were attempting to “put a stronghold out there, so that we can be active and not just be angry.”

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In an exclusive interview, AllHipHop.com asked Q-Tip’s fellow A Tribe Called Quest member Ali Shaheed Muhammad about the latest high-profile additions to the Zulu Nation like Wayne, Nas, and Big Boi. The “CPR” performer proclaims the new Zulu brothers represent a move toward uniting the community, instead of dividing it.

“There’s obviously been some controversy to a couple of the brothers you mentioned. There’s a ‘Why?’ But why not? We have to stop using these divisive tools to prevent us from understanding we all come from the same place,” says Ali. “There may be a difference of opinions. There may be some areas of criticism that’s necessary to help align us a little better so it’s more harmonious, but you have to start somewhere. You can’t do it by having people in different corners of the world not talking to each other.”

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According to Ali, more unexpected names may soon be associated with the Universal Zulu Nation as well. He also adds the movement will grow beyond just Hip Hop artists.

“It’s only a matter of time that people will understand. They look around and see what’s not working within their life. They’re seeing all the success and all the things that come with it, and there’s still something missing from a human spirit perspective,” Ali explains. “The principles of the Zulu Nation is built on – it answers a lot of those questions from a spiritual perspective that unites humanity, not just Hip Hop. Different genres meld together under the Universal Zulu Nation. So not only will you see more people from Hip Hop – and I won’t put any names out there –  but also abstract personas you would not see as part of it. I definitely think you’re going to see more of that.”

AllHipHop.com previously reported The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is expected to be inducted as an “Honorary Member” through a chapter led by Zulu Nation’s Minister Of Information Quadeer “M.C. Spice” Shakur. Q-Tip has also revealed Pro Era’s Joey Bada$$ and Indiana emcee Freddie Gibbs have recently joined the UZN as well.

During his Q&A, Ali Shaheed Muhammad also discussed his new Eric Garner inspired single, working with Adrian Younge on a full collaborative project, and possible 2015 reunions for his groups A Tribe Called Quest and Lucy Pearl.

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