EXCLUSIVE: Knocking Madness, Hopsin Talks Travis Barker and Childish Gambino Dreams


(AllHipHop News) After turning down the opportunity to sign with Tech N9ne’s Strange Music imprint earlier this year to build his own Funk Volume brand, 26-year-old Los Angeles rapper Hopsin has only one thing on his mind: finishing his third album, Knock Madness, and getting it into his fans hands as soon as possible.

A recent photo making its way across the Internet shows Hopsin in the studio with producer and drummer Travis Barker, most famously known for his work with the Punk-Rock group, Blink 182.

About the collaboration, Hopsin told AllHipHop.com, “He hit me up on Twitter; he saw the “Hop Madness” video and told me he thought it was dope, and basically wanted to say that if I was down to collab, he would be interested as well and that’s really it. We exchanged numbers, and I hit him up two weeks later, and we got it going.

“I told him I had never had anything with live drums on it, so I told him what kind of patterns I was looking for and that I wanted something different.” Hopsin continued, “So we went in and laid some dope stuff down, and then I played some piano and strings over it and that was it. Travis was open to hearing what I wanted and how I wanted it done, and if I didn’t like something, he would fix and change it how I wanted. It was just a real cool experience; just me and him working on a track.”

When asked where exactly their collaboration would end up and if the two would work together again in the future, Hopsin said, “It’s more likely going to be something for my album. I have to put vocals on there ‘cause I didn’t come up with the concept yet but yeah, if the song turns out good and all that then I’m definitely going to be interested in putting it on my album.”

“I’m sure there will be future work as well if everybody loves the track and all that and it does well,” he added.

Hopsin then shed some light on a tweet he sent out last week mentioning his interest in working with rapper/actor, Childish Gambino. “I just threw it out there just so people knew. But yeah, I don’t know whether he likes my style or not, or if he’s even heard of me, but I just put it out there. I didn’t actually try and reach out to him in a legit, professional matter; I did it in a Hollywood way I guess. [laughter]

“If in the future he lets me know that he likes me or style or something, then I’d definitely be interested. The thing is, he’s cool and creative and is the kind of person who needs to be in the Rap game, even if he’s not on the same type of stuff.”

Knock Madness is Hopsin’s official introduction to many who may have seen him alongside Don Trip, Kid Ink, French Montana, and Machine Gun Kelly on the 2012 XXL Freshman Class cover. Hopsin says he’s fine with however the fans discover him, as long as they give him a chance.

Check back tomorrow for Hopsin’s full interview with AllHipHop.com.