Fake Lil Wayne Promoter Scams Alabama State University

Lil Wayne simply cannot make to ASU.

The shady practice has reached epic levels, particularly online, and Alabama State University is the latest vicim of a fraudulent promoter.

Lil Wayne was expected to perform for homecoming week at the university this week, but officials realized they had been scammed by a person pretending to be the rapper’s promoter.

Wayne’s real manager Cortez Bryant officially ended the speculation.

“It saddens me to say but this concert is fraudulent. Wayne was never booked for this show. Graduating from an HBCU myself I hate that one of ours schools was victimized,” Bryant said. “Fake promoters are the lowest of people on this earth because they are damaging the integrity of artist and most important hurting the fans who are expecting to see their favorite artist. I’m now in contact with Alabama State University and will do everything in my power to work with them to persecute whoever was behind this. It’s not fair to the college students.”

ASU officially said they would seek litigation against those that perpetrated the act of crime against the school and the students.