Fat Joe Fires Back At Uncle Luke Over Trick Daddy Claims: “I Said What I Said”

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The Terror Squad captain headed to Instagram where he stood on his initial comments.

Fat Joe has addressed Uncle Luke’s recent Instagram post refuting the Terror Squad rapper’s claims he was responsible for signing Trick Daddy and Pitbull. On Friday (December 9), Fat Joe headed to his preferred social media platform and explained the point he was trying to make during a months-old appearance on the My Expert Opinion Podcast.

“So somebody woke me up and was like, ‘Yo, Uncle Luke is on IG addressing some things you said,'” Fat Joe began. “So I looked it up and I went to comment ‘cause I’ve known Uncle Luke for 30, 40 years, but for some reason, my comments are prohibited from commenting.

“Luke is a living legend, an icon, somebody we look up to, somebody we look up to forever. Yes, he went to the Supreme Court […] and yes, he put on the whole Miami. So he’s got an IG tonight at 7, I guess if I can’t comment, I’m not going to be able to go on his IG.”

From there, Fat Joe insisted his recollection of aiding in Trick Daddy’s rise to fame was absolutely correct.

“Fat Joe don’t lie, and Fat Joe don’t back down from nothing in the universe,” he continued. “I hope we all know this in love. Now, I said what I said. OK? So, I didn’t put on Trick Daddy. What I did do was I came to Miami, his music was rocking all over the streets. I came to Super Bowl and I took—I had no business, nothing to do with discovering Trick Daddy—I took his CD, his demo, his cassette tape […] I don’t even know if Trick Daddy knows this. Once they get Trick involved, you know, Trick crazy, but he’s my brother and I love Trick.

“Like I said, I live in Miami 20 years, I never had an argument with one single person, so I love Trick Daddy. But I’mma be honest. Maybe Trick Daddy don’t know this, but when I heard his demo, I took it to Atlantic Records that Monday and I went to Craig Kallman’s office […] Out of love for Hip Hop and the culture, I said you need to sign this guy. Fat Joe had nothing to do with paperwork. Fat Joe didn’t put him on. I did it out of love for Hip Hop ‘cause the man was on fire.”

Fat Joe said he eventually got a call from Kallman who told him he’d signed Trick Daddy, thus launching his career. But Uncle Luke was evidently confused by Joe’s initial comments. As he explained in the Instagram post, “I love Joe, but I find this very interesting because I discovered @trickdaddydollars. He did his first song with me as soon as he got out of lock up, and he stayed with me. I also discovered and signed @pitbull to the platinum selling Luke Records label. He did his first songs with me. Because I’m from Miami, I felt the importance of signing a Cuban rapper, so I discovered him off of battle rap tapes.”

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Trick Daddy appeared on “Scarred” by the former 2 Live Crew member from Luke’s 1996 album, Uncle Luke. The song caught the attention of Ted Lucas, a former concert promoter and then-CEO of Slip-n-Slide Records, who promptly signed the rapper. Slip-n-Slide released Trick Daddy’s debut album, Based on a True Story, in 1997. Three years later, he signed to Atlantic Records, the basis of Fat Joe‘s argument. Watch the original clip from the podcast above.