Filmmaker Choke No Joke Goes In On Dame Dash Over Allegations Of Leaked Roc-A-Fella Footage


(AllHipHop News) Bronx-bred filmmaker Choke No Joke has not waned in his disdain for former Roc-A-Fella boss Damon Dash.

Choke passionately and relentlessly aired out his grievances in an epic take down of his former employer after Dame conducted a new interview on Nore’s “Drink Champs” podcast.

“Dame, you out here f##king lying talking about I stole your footage and I ran on you (in Paris), motherf##ker, first of all, no body stole your footage, you owe me money, you broke mother f##ker, you broke,” Choke told’s Chuck Creekmur in the epic rant. “We know that girl over there holding you down and that’s how you living, n###a. You broke. If you wasn’t broke, you would be in New York. I will fight you in Central Park tomorrow, Dame. Come to Central Park. You can’t come to New York, because you owe that child support. Soon as you stand foot in New York they gonna lock your ass up. That’s why you don’t come to New York. I bought the tapes to your office, you wouldn’t even come out to talk to me.”

The history between Choke and Dame is a long and extensive one.

Choke worked at Roc-A-Fella Records for three years, serving as the legendary label’s videographer,  just before the label was split up and sold to Def Jam for $10 million.

Prior to his days at Roc-A-Fella, Choke earned his stripes in the music industry as a producer on Rap City, in addition to the indie films “Code Blue” and “I Am Choke No Joke.”

But the film producer’s relationship with Damon Dash soured after Choke was slighted several times and never receiving credit for some of his most popular work with label.

In 2014, Choke was part of a documentary titled “A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z,” in which he claimed the Roc was torn apart by egos, money and women.

“I hired him to make things and I guess he secretly made doubles, which is secretly putting out, which I consider disrespectful” Damon Dash alleged in episode 3 of his “Hip-Hop Motivation” podcast.

Dame was explaining the backstory of a viral clip that featured him screaming on the staff at Def Jam, when they conducted a meeting about Jay Z’s Black Album, without consulting with him.

Dame accused Choke of leaking the footage without his knowledge, an allegation Choke strongly denied.

Choke said Dame told an associate to keep the tapes, so he did so and released his documentary “The Last Days Of The Roc.”

Choke said he has another project in the works similar to his last documentary, only this one will chronicle the last days of critically acclaimed group State Property.

Choke also recounted an incident in he was left with a broken jaw after associates of Jay Z caught him filming a concert without permission.

“[Dame] got me filming his [Jay Z’s] concert without his permission, got my ass jumped…[ended] in Harlem Hospital, you ain’t even come see me in the hospital you b#### ass motherf##ker and I’m right on 135th and Lennox,” he barked. “You talking about 142nd. You can’t even go on 142nd, them ni##as on 142nd don’t even f##k with you anymore.”

Watch the full interview and all the anecdotes Choke has about Dame Dash. Dame Dash has not commented on this story at press time.