G Herbo Pleads Not Guilty To Lying To Feds In Scamming Case

G Herbo

G Herbo is maintaining his innocence after the feds hit him with ANOTHER indictment for allegedly lying to investigators!

Rapper G-Herbo has entered a “not guilty” plea in his most recent charge during a Zoom hearing with U.S. District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts on Tuesday, May 25.

Jim Lawson, the legal counsel for the Chicago native, entered the plea on his client’s behalf. The rap star is being accused of lying about participating in alleged identity fraud and his dealings with the man identified as his manager, Antonio Strong.

G-Herbo has consistently maintained that doesn’t know that man, never received anything from him, and also never gave anything to him. He even says that in his song, “Statement.”

But that’s not what the prosecution is saying. They believe that he is lying, noting they have evidence that shows that the two have been in some sort of contact for about five years.

The Feds said that G Herbo “knowingly and willfully made the following materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statements and representations in a matter within the jurisdiction of the executive branch of the Government of the United States” during an interview with the Secret Service and the FBI on November 24, 2018, in Ohio.

They say that they have records that show that the “PTSD” artist, whose real name is Herbert Randall Wright III, paid Strong for a plethora of swerves like received “private jets, luxury hotels, expensive high-end car rentals and even pricey puppies.”

The State further contends, “Wright falsely said he’d never provided Strong any money, never received anything of value from Strong, and had no direct relationship with Strong.”

“In fact, since at least 2016, Wright had received valuable goods from Strong, including private jet charters, luxury accommodations, and exotic car rentals.”

To complicate his predicament, the case is strongly connected to a different charge that alleges that he, this Strong person, and four others are scammers.

G Herbo’s Management Responds To Federal Fraud Indictment

G Herbo turned himself in this past December over the 14-count indictment, to face charges that include conspiracy to commit wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and aiding and abetting.

In August, he will face a judge regarding the 2020 indictment. He still standing on his word. He ain’t do it.