Gervonta Davis Denies Domestic Violence Allegations, No Longer Wants Luis Garcia Fight 

Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis denied he hit the mother of his daughter and accused her of smearing poop on his toothbrush.

Gervonta Davis has broken his silence a day after his arrest for domestic violence charges following allegations that he hit the mother of his child. 

The pro boxer shared a lengthy statement on Instagram, followed by some allegations of his own, including a claim that his daughter’s mother, Vanessa Posso, smeared poop on his toothbrush. 

He shared a series of images via his IG story in support of his claims. The posts have now been deleted, as has the statement, although not before screenshots were taken and circulated online. 

He accused Vanessa Posso of putting “s### on my tooth brush,” adding the poop came from his daughter’s diapers, “the one y’all say I hit.” 

According to Gervonta Davis, he can’t be accused of doing it himself because “I was f###### locked up.”  

He also said he had no alternative but to share the images to defend himself. “I didn’t want to do this,” he added, “ but I wanna clear my name.”  

Another image shows the boxer seemingly with spit on his face, while a video appears to show the aftermath of an altercation. The final image is of the words “cheater,” and “s###” scrawled on a bathroom mirror.  

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Gervonta Davies Denies Domestic Violence Charge

He also shared a photo of his little girl watching a movie.  

“Do not let these people misguide you all on this b#######…this was just yesterday moments before me and my child mother had argument! Watching frozen with my oldest daughter ..I never put my hands on my mother nor my [redacted] daughter are you f###### crazy!!” he wrote in the post.  

He also claimed his daughter’s mother was offered $50k to press charges against him, although he did not say who made the offer.  

“I’m not a monster I been quiet for too long,” the Baltimore native continued. “I dont have media team, pr, good lawyer…spokesman nothing off that.. Thats the only reason im doing this now! Just to clear my name!” 

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Gervonta Davis retweeted a post sharing the 9/11 call with a message urging “listen to it.”

He then retweeted a post from his nutritionist responding to the 911 call. “I was stood right there when this call was made,” Elliot Buckling wrote. “The scene doesn’t match the call.”

Before his arrest, Gervonta Davis was set to fight Hector Luis Garcia on Jan. 7 in a highly anticipated matchup. While it remains unclear whether his legal troubles will impact the bout, Gervonta isn’t keen on the clash anymore.  

In another post and delete, the 28-year-old boxer claimed: “I low key don’t even want to fight anymore. They can have that s###.”  

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