Gucci Mane Reposts Meme Making Light Of Jeezy’s Friend -And His Murder Victim

Gucci Mane

The world is anticipating Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s Verzuz battle, but things could awfully wrong. 

Jeezy and Gucci Mane are set up to do a Verzuz battle on Instagram on Thursday, November 19th. 

Originally, T.I. was set to go up against Jeezy but was not able to honor the challenge.  The news about his replacement came out late on Saturday, November 14th, and almost stopped fans in their tracks as Gucci was announced as the new opponent.

It was shocking because of the huge split between the two artists. Maybe they put the beef to the side.

But maybe not.

The “Muwop” rapper posted a meme on his social media on Tuesday, November 17th seeming to make light of his killing of one of Jeezy’s associates and former labelmate, Pookie Loc.

Pookie Loc was killed after allegedly trying to break into a stripper’s home, where Gucci Mane and a friend were chilling after a night out.  

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Gucci shot him claiming self-defense.

The provocative post displayed a man leaping across the courtroom at another person insinuating that Jeezy might flip out on him during the 20-song-challenge. The caption associated with the meme jokes “go dig ya partna up n**** I bet he can’t say s***” followed by laughing face emojis. 

Originally, Gucci was charged with the murder of Pookie’s death. The charges were eventually dropped because the prosecutors did not have enough evidence to convict.

Hopefully, this is just a stunt and not indicative of what the Verzuz battle will be like. With last season being so positive, it would be a shame to have a negative turn.