Gunplay Threatened To Slap DJ Envy Over GoFundMe Comments

DJ Envy

The “Bible On The Dash” rapper posts a recorded phone conversation with the radio host.

The feud between DJ Envy and Rick Ross has expanded to include conversations about sick children. Ross’s Triple C’s groupmate, Gunplay, took issue with Envy mentioning his family situation.

Apparently, the DJ Envy versus Rick Ross beef began because both men present respective car show events. What seemed to start off as friendly back-and-forth eventually escalated to personal attacks.

At one point, Envy called out Ross for supposedly not helping Gunplay deal with medical emergency bills. Gunplay found out what The Breakfast Club host had to say about him setting up a GoFundMe campaign.

“I knew @djenvy would renig on his word to apologize publicly and I knew I would have to do it for him I waited and waited he had all the opportunities and didn’t do it so I did it for him,” wrote Gunplay on Instagram.

Gunplay’s caption accompanied a video of the Miami native speaking with DJ Envy over the phone. That conversation included the Custom Cars & Cycles album creator threatening Envy.

Gunplay Tells DJ Envy He Wants A Public Apology

“What I had to do with anything, man? And my wife posting a GoFundme?” Gunplay asked Envy. “My baby was sick. She had a heart defect. That has nothing to do with cars. You know I’ll slap the s### out you.”

DJ Envy responded by saying the two Hip Hop figures could fight, if necessary, but claimed he did not mean to disrespect Gunplay. The Power 105.1 personality also offered an apology over the phone.

“Well, I need a public apology. My wife is affected by that, my brother. We sat in that hospital for twenty-eight days, homie,” expressed Gunplay. “It ain’t even about the money. My wife is in panic mode.”

He continued, “I told her to chill, but it’s cool. We did a GoFundMe. That ain’t nothing, my brother. So don’t bring my child into this, my n####. Cause then we’re gonna have bad blood, dog.”