Jake Paul Handed His First Loss As Tommy Fury Dominates – & The Internet Reacts

Jake Paul

Jake Paul was beaten by Tommy Fury in a highly anticipated match tonight in Saudi Arabia. Check out some of the messiest reactions to his loss!

After being postponed last year, the highly-anticipated showdown between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally took place at Diriyah Arena in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

The two fighters were originally scheduled to face each other in December 2021, but due to a driven jury sustained by Fury, the bout was delayed while he made so he could see a full recovery.

Finally, fans could witness the match-up between these two talented boxers.

Jake Paul, the YouTube sensation who turned to boxing, entered the ring confidently, ready to take on his most formidable opponent Tommy Fury.

Despite Fury’s reputation as a seasoned boxer, Paul and his team felt well-prepared, having done their homework in the lead-up to the fight.

The bout began with both fighters showing off their skills, exchanging blows, and testing each other’s defenses.

But Tommy Fury’s jab proved dominant, as he seemed to land them at will through much of the fight. To make matters worse for Jake Paul, he lost a point in the 5th round for punching Fury in the back of the head.

Things evened up a little bit when Fury lost a point in round 6, holding Jake Paul excessively. 

Celebrities like Mike Tyson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Deontay Wilder, and Devin Haney were on the edge of their seats in the 8th round when a right put Tommy Fury down. But Fury gathered himself and started pounding Paul and almost won the round. 

But, in a shocking upset, Tommy Fury emerged victorious when the judges announced their official decision. Two judges scored it 76-73 in favor of Fury, while one judge scored it 75-74 for Jake Paul. 

Fury’s win marked a significant milestone in his boxing career, making him the first fighter to hand Jake Paul a loss.

“All respect to Tommy, he won, don’t judge me by my wins; judge me by my losses,” Jake Paul said after the fight. “I’ll come back. I think we deserve a rematch. It was a good fight.”

This fight was a testament to Tommy Fury’s tenacity and determination after the rib injury in 2021 and put rumors to rest that the whole match was scripted after fake documents leaked purporting to show that the fight was fixed.

The match demonstrated that Tommy Fury was more than just a seasoned boxer -he is also a skilled and talented fighter.