Jim Jones Talks How About How Drake & Dipset Are Family

Jim Jones Jay-Z Drake

Harlem native says making a record with Drake is on his bucket list.

Jim Jones recently named Drake the greatest rapper of all time and he’s not changing his mind anytime soon, in fact, he’s doubling down on his claim.  

The NYC icon was asked about the subject during an appearance on The Amazing AllHipHop.com Podcast. The hosts, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and DJ Thoro couldn’t help but ask Jim Jones about his comments that places Drake as Hip-Hop’s G.O.A.T.

Jim Jones describes Drake coming out to the Apollo as a huge moment for the Dipset.

“To co-headline at the Apollo with him was even more ridiculous,” the Harlem rapper remarked, recalling how they removed all the seats from the historic landmark.

“I’m a fan of Drake I could say the wholeheartedly,” Jim Jones continued. “Like my spirit animal … I f##k with how the boy move out here. I f##k with his music wholeheartedly … and you know and for him to give us our flowers for the person he is … that it’s kind of bring it all right to fruition.”

DJ Thoro addressed how the admiration is mutual. Drake said at the concert that he used to want to dress like the Dipset as a kid.

“It’s all a family connection. That’s Young Money and Dipset. You know, Cash Money and Dipset. We been a family. We been tied in,” the rapper said.

He also talked about how the OVO leader didn’t have to come and rock with them on the special night, nodding to his star power and ability to “sell out the whole New York City.”

Creekmur asked, “How come Drake’s not on [the new project]?”

Jim Jones said that is ok … it is on his “bucket list” … saying “It’s not out of the box.”