Joe Budden’s Alleged Attacker Claims He Was Trolling After Taxstone Rumor Spreads

Joe Budden

Wild rumors spread online after rapper-turned-podcaster Joe Budden was involved in an altercation at a club.

The man who took credit for punching Joe Budden stirred up the rumor mill by suggesting Taxstone played a role in the attack. Instagram user @jj_selfmade_cpm tried to downplay his insinuations of Taxstone’s involvement after the alleged attacker’s posts caught the attention of social media bloggers and websites on Monday (November 6).

“I was trolling y’all lol,” Joe Budden’s supposed attacker wrote on Instagram Stories. “Free my brothers tho! Now leave me alone.”

He added, “I ain’t talk to no one. Idk where them n****s getting [their] story from! Free my brothers tho.”

The alleged assailant fanned the flames of the Taxstone rumor by reacting to a video posted by Zip With The Trip, who claimed multiple people jumped Budden at a club. The self-professed culprit responded by saying he was Budden’s lone attacker and shouted out to Taxstone, who’s serving a 35-year prison sentence for the infamous 2016 shooting that left Troy Ave’s bodyguard dead.

“I beat on him dolo we ain’t jump him,” the man wrote. “Free Taxstone!”

He also hinted at Taxstone orchestrating the attack on Budden. The alleged attacker referenced past comments by Budden, who called Taxstone a “worker.”

“When a WORKER could get a BOSS touch that’s tough!” the man wrote in an Instagram post. “#FreeMyBrothers.”

Several social media accounts connected the dots and assumed the man was saying he attacked Budden on Taxstone’s behalf. The alleged attacker attempted to dispel the rumor after seeing it gain traction online.

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