Joe Budden Calls Out DJ Envy Over Real Estate Scandal

Joe Budden DJ Envy

Accusations of fraud are now associated with the radio personality’s name.

The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy finds himself caught up in an alleged real estate con. Rapper-turned-podcaster Joe Budden addressed the scandal on the latest episode of his show.

According to reports, DJ Envy worked with real estate investor Cesar Piña to present educational seminars covering the business. However, apparent clients of Piña have accused him of scamming them out of millions of dollars.

“I honestly don’t know, that’s between them and whatever happened,” said DJ Envy during a conversation with Tony “The Closer” Robinson. “But did I say, ‘There, take this money and give it to this person or do this with this money?’ I never did.”

The Power 105.1 representative continued, “If you ever came to my seminar, I tell everybody, ‘Everybody on this stage, whether it’s credit, prepare, or it’s a conventional lender, do your homework because I don’t trust anybody.’ If you’ve been to my seminars, I say that a million times.”

Joe Budden Warned DJ Envy That His Real Estate Proposal Sounded Like A Scam

Apparently, that response to the controversy was not enough for Joe Budden to give DJ Envy a pass. On the “Pizza Pizza” episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the New Jersey resident played old comments from Envy about investment opportunities.

“When I first started with real estate, right? If you follow me, you know that I’m really cool with [DJ Clue], I’m really cool with Fabolous, and I was really cool with [Joe Budden] at one time,” stated Envy in the clip.

He continued, “So when I first started, I called each one of them. I called Clue, who’s my brother, ‘Yo, I’m getting into real estate and I’m doing well. We should do some stuff together.’ They didn’t understand it. I remember calling Joe. Joe told me it sounded like a scam.”

Budden Says Envy Knew The “Heat Is On The Way”

Then Joe Budden and his co-hosts, including QueenzFlip, discussed the accusations against Cesar Piña and DJ Envy’s possible involvement in an alleged fraud scheme. Budden also blasted Envy for even being associated with Piña.

“Please, you knew something was fishy,” argued Budden about DJ Envy’s connection to Cesar Piña. “That little fat n#### ain’t been around in about a year and a half. Envy ain’t stood next to that n#### in about eighteen months. We ain’t seen a course, we ain’t seen an advertisement [or] commercial. These n##### know when the heat is on the way.”

The candid media personality also added, “Produce that little fat f###. Get him out here. Where he at? We can get to the bottom of this fast. You n##### been all around Hudson County, Essex County, every New Jersey county. Get that little f### to the front row and say, ‘Aye, Cesar – pizza, pizza – let’s get to it.'”

Both Rick Ross & Gunplay Beefed With Envy In Recent Days

DJ Envy has also been recently involved in public spats with Rick Ross and Gunplay. Joe Budden theorized that those online beefs were just distractions from Envy’s relationship with Cesar Piña and his possible illegal activities.

The Envy versus Rick Ross feud ignited over both celebrities attempting to promote their respective car show events. However, that conflict quickly got personal. Envy also inserted Gunplay and his family into the drama by referring to the Florida native setting up a GoFundMe for his hospitalized newborn daughter.

“Envy, [Charlamagne Tha God], I don’t need to hear none of that Gunplay s###. What else y’all got going on up there?” commented Joe Budden. “Bring Cesar up there. I’ll tell you the guest we want to see. I’m tuning in. That’s the one. Enough of all that bringing the political parties [and] Dr. Umar [on The Breakfast Club]. All that s### is cool. Get Cesar up there, though. Can’t be too hard to find him.”