Rick Ross Offers DJ Envy’s Dad A Job To Work The Front Gate Of His Mansion At Car Show

Rick Ross

The soap opera that is Rick Ross and DJ Envy continues. The Maybach Music executive offered Envy’s dad a job working for him.

The soap opera that is Rick Ross and DJ Envy continues to bubble with each celebrity taking potshots at each other. As AllHipHop.com reported, this back and forth has been sparked by the two beefing over their car show.

Yesterday, the Breakfast Club host dressed in a correction officer uniform— mocking Rozay’s former job and questioning whether or not he is a real boss.

This was quickly followed up with the Maybach Music executive offering DJ Envy’s father a job working for him.

In a video clip, he said, “having a beautiful time today, and of course, we just having a good time with DJ Envious.”


Then he said, “I want to offer his pop’s a job. His father is a retired police officer and I want to give him a big opportunity, actually. [He can] work at my front gate at the Promise Land. Controlling the front gate.”

Adding, “I’m gonna take you to step further. I’m going to let you practice my signature, so when all the clothes I order online come, you sign for me. How ‘bout that? Then you can escort my things up to the door. I’ll pay better than you ever been paid.”

This is not the first time Ross offered a member of Envy’s family a job working for him. He offered several families to mop his floors and also clean his pool.

Do you think it’s getting out of hand now? Or … are you enjoying the show?