Joe Budden Shocked By Rory & Mal’s Disappearance From Podcast

Joe Budden kind of explained the issues going on between himself and the cohost of the Joe Budden show, Rory and Mal. 

Joe Budden has finally broken his silence over growing speculation his co-hosts of “The Joe Budden Podcast” are on a “strike.”

Fans are speculating that the show’s co-hosts Rory Farrell and Jamil “Mal” Clay are locked in a financial dispute with Joe.

The pair have been missing for the last two episodes of the bi-weekly podcast, which has quickly become one of the most listened to shows on multiple platforms, from Spotify to SoundCloud, where current episodes of the show can be found. 

During the 425th episode of the show called “Tea Leaves,” Joe Budden addressed the growing chatter that there was a rift between himself and his co-hosts. Speaking to Ice and Savon, who filled in for Rory and Mal this week, Joe Budden said:

“Everywhere I went my phone was ringing, people asking me questions about the pod, so I did with any normal respectable human being would do and went home and I locked myself in my closet. As to avoid having to answer some of these things,” Joe Budden said to laughter.

“I’ll eliminate some of the suspense…Rory and Mal are not here but this is Rory’s seat This is not Ice’s seat. And that is Mal’s seat and whenever they feel like returning to their seats then they’ll return to their seats,” Joe Budden said without revealing the nature of the dispute.

“I’m transparent talking here…I would have never envisioned anything like this happening… ‘Oh my God… What? Rory and Mal are not here?'” 

Joe Budden was quick to deny reports that a financial dispute was behind the split, and he even said there was no “beef,” leaving fans to speculate just what could be causing the problems with Rory and Mal, who have been with “The Joe Budden Podcast” for over 5 years.

“What they have communicated to me is something is wrong. Whether that being our friendship how we’re speaking to each other, the respect level.”

Rory’s last tweet May hold the key to the issues between the trio: 

In February, Joe Budden revealed he was growing his audience through a new deal with Patreon, where he moved the exclusive content of The Joe Budden Network to the membership platform. 

Budden was also named Patreon’s Head Of Creator Equity.

“I’ve seen firsthand that exploitation is everywhere in this industry – it’s become the status quo, and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of constantly fighting for independence and I’m tired of proving my value over and over again,” Joe Budden said when the deal was announced.