Judge Rules Lil Wayne Must Sit For Deposition After Fiery Failed Session

Lil Wayne

A bouncer’s lawyer claims Lil Wayne refused to cooperate during a deposition, and now the rapper must sit through a second one!

Lil Wayne is getting sued by a bouncer from a Hollywood nightclub for an incident that happened in 2016. A judge is working with the plaintiff to make sure his lawyers get all the information they need for the pending case after the artist was uncooperative in a previous attempt.

According to My News LA, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Jon R. Takasugi will allow the plaintiff Andrew Nunemacher’s lawyers to depose the “Lollipop” rapper for an additional allotment of two hours before legal proceedings start after lawyers noted in court papers that Weezy’s behavior in their November deposition was “beyond extreme.”

The filing says that during the first deposition effort, Lil Wayne “took pride in his refusals to answer fundamental questions while his attorneys sat back and made inappropriate and frivolous objections, encouraging a display that mocks the civil process.”

The New Orleans native left the virtual deposition after only a couple of hours. According to the court papers, he “abruptly exited the Zoom for the second time and did not return.”

Weezy’s defense counsel said that the artist is open to sitting for half-hour to finish up any outstanding discourse and submitted to the judge portions of that artist’s testimony that showed he got upset and left after being asked the same questions over and over again.

After reviewing excerpts of the deposition, the judge ruled that Wayne was “clearly argumentative and abusive.”

Judge Takasugi said, “After review, the court concludes that while Carter’s behavior was undeniably hostile and abusive at times, Carter also provided substantive responses to plaintiff’s counsel’s repetitive questions.”

“In light of the answers that have already been provided, the court concludes that only a two-hour deposition to close out any topics is warranted.”

According to the plaintiff, his civil rights were violated when he met the rapper on June 27, 2016, while Nunemacher was working as a bouncer at the Hyde Sunset.  

He believes he was assaulted and battered. As a result of the altercation, he received intentional infliction of emotional distress

At the time, Wayne and his entourage were trying to get and got upset. Wayne then punched the bouncer and knocked him to the ground. After violating the security officer, he threw a cup of alcohol in his face and called him a “white boy.”

The chart-topper’s attorneys believe that video from the club shows that is not what happened. They also contend that the man has not suffered from the mental and emotional damages that he is suing the artist for. They also dispute the man’s claims that he cannot work because of his multiple invasive surgeries he sustained from the altercation.

Trial is scheduled for April 4th.