Kangol Kid & Tajiri Talk Filming Breast Job On ‘We Are The Joneses’ Reality Show (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) UTFO member Kangol Kid and his wife Tajiri will appear on an upcoming episode of the Centric reality show We Are The Joneses.

The series centers around the family of plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Jones and journalist/actress Cathleen Trigg-Jones.

Tajiri’s time on We Are The Joneses focuses on her breast enhancement surgery.

“I’ve had issues with my breasts and their development since I was a little kid. So on the episode, I get these babies done,” Tajiri tells AllHipHop.com. “They go through our back story and tell you a little bit about us. And you actually get to see me go through the whole procedure of what it takes to get breast augmentation.”

We Are The Joneses is scheduled to premiere on April 22 at 10 pm ET.