Kanye West Reveals “The Future Brunch” To Air On Facebook

Kanye West hosted “The Future Brunch” to discuss ownership, controlling the narrative, and disparities in Black media.

Kanye West closed out Black History Month with the announcement that “The Future Brunch,” will air on Facebook on Tuesday, March 1.  

AllHipHop.com was in attendance when Kanye hosted “The Future Brunch” on February 6 with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee. Black journalists from a variety of publications gathered to discuss brand ownership, disparities in black media, and the importance of controlling your own narrative.  

On Monday (Feb. 28), Ye shared a clip from the brunch on social media to announce the news. “It’s something that feels so powerful and so calm about us just being together and us being connected,” he said. “This is a time when we not gonna back down. We not gonna have people say ‘Oh you need to stop communicating because you gonna look ramped up.’ Like, tell me what y’all need.” 

“Let’s tell each other what we need from each other.” Kanye added. 

“Controlling Our Narrative: The Future Brunch Conversation Going Up Tomorrow on Facebook.com / KanyeWest.” 

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Kanye West Says: “There Is No More Black History Month”

Kanye spoke about his concerns surrounding ‘trauma p###” and the narratives fed to the Black community by the writers of Black history.  

“They talk down to us and then put us in boxes to control our minds and make us fearful. I just don’t have any fear left in me. All I have is love. I’ve been waiting for our community to take the power of our narrative back in our hands,” West continues, “I want us to control our own story. Our primary focus in America should be on empowering our Black leaders. It is critical that we join forces.” 

Kanye West announced his mission to rename February’s celebration of Black history. “There is no more Black History Month,” he declared earlier this month.  

“I don’t mind what others think of me, this isn’t about me. It’s all about who we are as a people. It’s about showing our children what we can become when we decide to write our own story. God uses me as a vessel and I believe we must invest in Black media. We declare Black Future Month to be about the future, not the past,” expresses West.