Keith Murray Says He Was Snubbed By N.O.R.E. At Festival; Wary Of ‘Drink Champs’ Interview

Keith Murray

Keith Murray said the incident made him reluctant to appear on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s ‘Drink Champs’ podcast.

N.O.R.E. wants to do a Drink Champs episode with Keith Murray, but an incident at the Rock the Bells Festival may prevent it from happening.

Keith Murray said N.O.R.E. ignored him at the festival in an interview with the Art of Dialogue. The Def Squad rapper also claimed he was slighted by someone in N.O.R.E.’s crew at the event.

N.O.R.E.’s crew member allegedly made a big deal to point out Keith Murray wasn’t part of their entourage while they obtained credentials. The festival snub made Keith Murray hesitant to accept an offer to appear on Drink Champs.

“People get money and they change,” he said. “I never asked to be on Drink Champs. I never wanted to go there, but I know [N.O.R.E.] and I have a rapport. And when I see him face-to-face, he shunned me! Like I didn’t even matter.”

N.O.R.E. responded to Keith Murray’s story via Twitter. A fan asked the Drink Champs host if he sideswiped Keith Murray at the Rock the Bells Festival, which N.O.R.E. denied.

“Not quite!!!” he wrote. “I had too many people wit me!!!”

Keith Murray recently went viral for comments about his alleged sexual history with Foxy Brown and Shawnna. His remarks caught the attention of N.O.R.E., who started plotting a Drink Champs episode.

“Yes we getting Keith Murry [sic] on drinkchamps in Jan when we come off the break!!!” N.O.R.E. wrote on Twitter in December.

A few days later, he noted, “Imma be real out Keith Murry [sic] interview must gonna be legendary already 3 people called me to stop it!!! Lol I’m my own boss !!! U CANT STOP S###!!!”

Drink Champs is scheduled to return on January 27. The podcast announced a licensing deal with Warner Music Group’s in-house network Interval Presents on Thursday (January 12).