KRS-One Vs. Big Daddy Kane Next Up On Verzuz— Even Though The Bronx Native Wanted Nas were the first to push this battle. Now, now let’s see if this is as dope of a match up as we believed it would be.

Verzuz has pulled another epic battle out of the twisted but so brilliant minds of producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. The next two-on-two contest that they have pulled together is KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane, two rap giants from Hip-Hop’s Golden Era and a battle that was first to push.

The battle will take place on Sunday, October 17th at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center.

The news was made public on the Verzuz’ official Instagram profile.

It is captioned as follows:

“WANNA PLAY? We got a new VERZUZ on the way Sunday, October 17th, brought to you by the killer new series, #Chucky. Who do y’all think it is!? Drop your guesses in the comments below and we’ll pick an entry at random to get a pair of tix! And don’t miss the series premiere starring @ChuckyIsReal on October 12th on @USA_Network and @SYFY.”

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This should be interesting as both of them were in rival crews back in the day. Big Daddy Kane burst on the scene as an anchor in the multi-talented Juice Crew.

The squad’s leader MC Shan made a record in 1987 called “The Bridge” that made some people think that Queensbridge started Hip-Hop.

Bronx native KRS-One was one of those that challenged that “narrative” and blasted him with “The Bridge Is Over,” a record he made with his crew Boogie Down Productions. This started years of animosity between both posses.

However, when it came down to Kane and KRS, they were always cool and didn’t let the beef get in the way of their friendships. Despite their friendship, Kane always said that he wanted to battle KRS. Check out this interview with where he admitted that he wants him in a Verzuz battle. He also talked about the beef between BDP and the Juice Crew.

Earlier this year, KRS told that he would not battle anyone because all (save one) can’t rock with him on the mic. But he did get excited when Chuck Creekmur, the CEO of suggested Big Daddy Kane as conversations about the two battling have been in the air since the 1990s.

“I will demolish … obliterate … you ain’t messing with my 23 album catalog and I just wrote two more,” KRS shared before declaring that LL Cool J is not only his level. “The word is destroy … I do-s this mic thing. I don’t play no actor. I don’t have no companies. I don’t have no clothing lines. I don’t have none of that. All I think about all day is how to ruin emcees lives. That’s what I’m on as an emcee.”

“So with these Verzuz … who is gonna battle KRS-One?”

Creekmur said, “I’ll tell you who … Big Daddy Kane!”

“He got two albums. Sorry, Kane,” was The Philosopher’s rebuttal. “We ain’t heard from Kane in 20 years and Kane is my dog too. You know that’s my man. I want to do an album with Kane and Kane declined.”

“Kane been saying for years that he wanted to battle KRS-One … Ok … if that’s what you think.”

He even told a story about Kane proposing a battle that would be a hybrid of recorded music and freestyles. KRS asked the Brooklyn native, “You sure you want to do this?”

To which Kane replied, “I ain’t scared of you.”

KRS warned all of emcees around, “Don’t play with fire. I am Hip-Hop.” He did concede that he would battle Nas because “Illmatic was better than Criminal Minded” and his catalog could compete.

But let’s see how friendly they will be in the next week.