Lawsuit Says Birdman and Slim Are Cooking The Books To Avoid Paying Millions In Royalties


(AllHipHop News) Brian “Birdman” Williams and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams are also accused of falsifying financial accounting records, in a new lawsuit filed by the owners of the record label that originally signed hit rapper Drake.

Aspire Music Group was created by industry powerhouses Cortez Bryant, Gee Roberson, and Derrick Lawrence.

In a new suit filed last week on April 18 in Manhattan, Aspire claims Cash Money deliberately interfered with their recording deal with the Drake.

“Defendants have brazenly engaged in a systematic and pervasive effort to cheat Plaintiff out of its contractual entitlement to tens of millions of dollars in profits and royalties, and to its one-third ownership interest in the copyright to Drake’s first six albums. Plaintiff brings this action to right this egregious wrong,” the new claim reads.

The lawsuit claims the Williams’ and Cash Money provided fraudulent accounting statements, and beat Aspire out of their portion of a $10 million advance Drake received from Cash Money, to deliver his first six albums for the label.

Aspire claims Cash Money rarely presented any statements regarding Drake’s earnings, and when they did, the documents comprised of mostly overstated deductions, and eventually, nothing at all.

“Plaintiff and its principals have received nothing more than a few modest advances from Defendants in connection with the Aspire/YME Agreement,” the lawsuit says.

“Moreover, instead of fulfilling their contractual obligation to provide these accounting statements on a monthly basis, Defendants initially provided no statements whatsoever,” lawyers for Aspire claim. “Then, when pressed, Defendants provided only sporadic, deceptive statements containing inflated and impermissible deductions. Eventually, Defendants ceased to provide Plaintiff with any accountings notwithstanding their obligation to do so.”

In the latest action against the legendary label, Aspire says it is owed at least $4 million Drake’s $10 million advance, not including what they might be owed in royalties from Drake’s#### albums like Thank Me Later, Take Care, Nothing Was The Same, Views and even his most recent playlist release, “More Life.”

The latest claims are part of a lawsuit Jas Prince allegedly filed against Cash Money.

Lil Wayne is also suing the label for $51 million, claiming Birdman and Cash Money are holding his money and his highly anticipated album Tha Carter V, hostage.