Lil Baby Giving Away Thousands Of Free Coats To Children

Lil Baby

The rap star is putting up his own money to make sure local children in Atlanta have a good Christmas – and stay warm.

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Rap star Lil Baby will make Christmas special for thousands of families in Atlanta this week.

At the end of November, Lil Baby, who is one of rap’s biggest success stories of 2020, announced he was donating all of the proceeds of his hit single “The Bigger Picture” to charity. 

The rap star revealed he had $1.5 million in profits earmarked from sales of “The Bigger Picture” to give back to the community, and he’s making good on his word this week.

This Wednesday (December 23rd) Lil Baby and representatives from his record label Quality Control will be at the West End Marta Station, to provide 2,000 brand new coats to the community. 

Lil Baby will be on hand to greet parents and their kids during his incredible act of kindness, after a dismal 2020 for most people around the country. 

Thanks to COVID-19, Georgia reached its highest unemployment rate in 10 years with the numbers peaking in April of 2020.

Although the unemployment rate has been on a steady decline, the figures are still well above the pre-pandemic rates from 2019-2020. 

Registration is being encouraged. Check out the details on the flyer:

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