Lil Gotit Issues Warning Over Vandalism Of Lil Keed’s Grave

Lil Gotit

Lil Gotit called out an unidentified person for disrespecting his brother Lil Keed’s grave, promising to take action if the vandal is caught.

Lil Gotit put a vandal on notice for messing with his brother Lil Keed’s grave.

The Alamo Records rapper admonished the vandalism in an Instagram Stories post on Thursday (September 8). Lil Gotit made it clear he would take action if he ever catches the person responsible for disrespecting Lil Keed’s grave.

“Whoever going to keed grave tryna unscrew him out the wall And stuff when I catch u it ain’t gone be nan nice so I hope u see this message!!!!” he wrote.

Lil Keed passed away in May. He was 24.

The YSL member died days after Young Thug, Gunna and others were indicted in a sweeping RICO case. Lil Keed, who wasn’t indicted, denied the allegations against his fellow YSL members prior to his death.

“YSL is a family,” he wrote on Instagram. “YSL is a label. YSL is a way of life. YSL is a lifestyle. YSL is not a gang. YSL is not a criminal [organization]. YSL is not a street gang. YSL is not a mob.”

Lil Keed died shortly after defending his YSL brethren. Lil Gotit mourned his brother’s death on social media.

“Can’t believe I seened u die today bro I did all my cries I know what u want me to do and that’s go hard for Mama Daddy Our Brothers Naychur and Whiteboy #ImaHoldthisShitDown,” he wrote.

View Lil Gotit’s warning about the grave vandalism below.