Lil Wayne Ex-Manager Sues For $20 Million; Says Rapper Is Flush With Cash After Selling Masters For $100 Million

Drake and Lil Wayne

Being a superstar rapper isn’t easy. Just ask Lil Wayne who’s dealing with several problems, including a new $20 million lawsuit filed by his ex-manager.

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In addition to a criminal case, Lil Wayne is dealing with a big-time business problem. 

The rap star’s ex-manager Ronald Sweeny is going after the rap star for $20 million for commissions he claims he is owed. 

Sweeny, who started working with Wayne in 2005, claims he was hired to help renegotiate the rap star’s deal with Cash Money Records when the rapper was feuding with the label. 

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, Sweeney said he has only received a few payments for helping Wayne settle his $51 million dollar lawsuit with Cash Money Records, but not nearly what he is owed. 

Wayne was so happy with the results of the settlement, that he gave long-term manager Cortez Bryant the boot in 2018 over a conflict of interest over his management of Drake as an artist on Cash Money Records. 

According to Ronald Sweeney, he was promised a 17% commission for managing with Wayne.

However, Cortez Bryant and Cash Money president Mack Maine got their revenge by conspiring to turn Lil Wayne against Sweeney, who was eventually fired from his position as Wayne’s manager in September of 2018. 

Ronald Sweeney claims Lil Wayne became flush with cash in June of 2020 when he sold his Masters to Universal Music Group for over $100 million. 

According to the lawsuit, Sweeney is not after Wayne’s windfall of cash, from the sale of his master’s, but he does believe he is due money for managing his lucrative career

The new lawsuit is the latest headache for Wayne, who is supposed to be in court tomorrow (December 11h) in Miami, where he is expected to plead not guilty to a gun charge after the Feds raided his private jet in Miami in December of 2019.