Lil Wayne To Join Skip Bayless As Weekly Co-Host On Return Of “Undisputed”  

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne will be taking over where Shannon Sharpe left off two months ago, joining Skip Bayless on the return of “Undisputed.”

Skip Bayless has announced that Undisputed will return later this month with the addition of Lil Wayne. 

The Hip-Hop icon will take over from Shannon Sharpe, who left in June following a seven-year stint on the show. The show has been on hiatus ever since but will return on August 28 with Skip Bayless and Lil Wayne. 

“He is heart and soul into the relaunch,” Bayless said about Wayne, who he referred to as “my brother.” He revealed the five-time Grammy winner will appear in weekly segments of around 15 minutes, although he may not always be in the studio.  

“He is so deep when it comes to sports,” Bayless said on his podcast Thursday (August 3). “He doesn’t yell or scream, but he does get emotional. And you hang on his every word because trust me he has thought through every single word. I like to think that I see things and say things that others don’t.” 

Skip Bayless also shared some insight into his relationship with Lil Wayne. He acknowledged that while they may not always share the same perspective, they are both passionate and constantly text each other about sports.  

“Wayne is my match. That’s why I love him so much,” he declared. “We’re kindred spirits, but we do see things differently, but very deeply.” 

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne fans can also see him in a new music video that dropped this week. Weezy and Young Money alum Tyga joined Mario on his latest single, “Main One.” The visuals dropped Friday, August 4. Check out the video below.