Lil Wayne Talks His Net Worth On Google, Saying ‘I Don’t Have A Cent Close To That’

Lil Wayne

Reports online say the New Orleans native is worth close to $175 million.

Is Lil Wayne a zillion dollar-aire?

According to Google he is.

But if you let the Young Money mogul tell it, he doesn’t come close to what is reportedly his net worth.

In a recent interview, he asked about how much money he has.

Tunechi says, “When you go check my net worth and it be saying some crazy numbers… I don’t have a cent close to that sh#t. I don’t have that.”

The host of the show was in awe, and remarked, “Really?”

“I guess they’d be meaning that’s what I’m worth,” he said. “So, I’ll be always calling my agent like ‘I’m telling you, bro, I’m gonna fire the sh#t out you, ‘Cause I don’t need you! Google let me know what you know what I got.”

The man behind the success of Drake and Nicki Minaj, said, “I’m a zillion dollars n##ga on Google.”

In actuality, various sources report Wayne has coming in between $150 million and $175 million.

His portfolio includes everything from his own music publishing, touring, and endorsements to the income he gets from the label he owns, Young Money which has given the world artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj, two of the biggest rappers in the history of the culture.

While he insists these numbers are not accurate, he says they are useful.

Saying he sees those reports as “motivation.”

Especially when arguing with a lady friend who says, “You ain’t sh#t.” He says turns to the Google reports of his net worth and says, “that’s not what Google says.”